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mobile antics

Guest tint rookie

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Guest tint rookie

all right ill start it.....

one other no plug story. pull the panel at the bottom of the streetlight....say no more.

I h@te it when people say"oh yeah theres power" leave the gen home, and get screwed when you get to the job an hour accross town.

the wife who booked the flat glass job (privacy in their front storage area of their garage) was outa town. the neighbor was very friendly, had her puppy over. the two neighborly neighbors frolicing with the puppy in the yard. well, they go inside. and we hear nothing but this damn puppy yelping for attention and scrathcing on a door back further in the house. well, it further goes on to, that's not the puppy yelling, and you couldnt get thuds like that if you were throwing the puppy at the wall..... its tough to face a situation without a big @#$% eating grin on your face while they are writing the check. "How much do I owe ya" thinking to himself, I hope this guy aint gonna go for the blackmail.

of course there's been the times I was propositioned as well. no I didnt. theres always that chance the desperate house wife mouths off b4 the check clears. that and I already got a great girl at home (hi honey, I went back and typed that in just for you)

locking the keys in the car, while its running, at a dealership..... always bribe the lot boy to get the spares for ya.

you know those cars with all the cat hair, dog hair, dirty kids. mobile....usually they are only a boots distance away when they F a job up.

as for pets,

usually I pack out my trash, but ran out of garbage bags. so I get through the back garage door to be introduced to TERRY and SNUGGLES. the garage door led to a walkway between two chicken wire cages. terry, was about a 3.5/4' (body length here) monitor who had recently finshed eating (thank god) bunny blood everywhere, fur hanging form its lip......just look away, B just look away B..... look snuggles right in the eyes, about a seven foot big fat turd of a looking python. I almost hit the floor (I dont do well with things without legs).

customer was weak with laughter. he has his house alarm set up to beep whenever someone goes through an exterior leadin door. most people do it cuz they have a pool. he did it for his pets. fuggin freak.

after watching a roll nearly all the way unravel off the back of your truck......good for bout 75' of laughs to come, the last 25' was more swearing.

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Guest shadetree

Massage therapist with a 180 gallon reef aquarium. She wanted to trade a massage for a couple hours worth of tank cleaning. I let her give me one. Then she wanted her ION tinted.

Long story short: I felt bad taking her money.

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Guest tint rookie

funny story, massage related.

bro in law, outa town with the boys. they stay at some exclusive resort and go for massages. his buddy pitches wood, "would you like me to take care of that for you?" ........."sure"......DINK....she flicked him in the "head".

taken care of.

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Guest shadetree
was there a happy ending?


So far, so good. She normally charges $1/minute. Free for me though. Nice after a real PITA back glass.

Hasn't gone any further than that, and I haven't pitched any tents, yet. :eyebrows

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