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Considering partial career change

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This is too soon to make any decision, but I had an offer to meet the owner of a product manufacturing company who is looking for a mechanical engineer.

Five years ago, I was laid off from a full-time engineering position, and I was tinting one car, five nights per week, and two cars on Saturdays.

If I was offered, and choose to take this engineering position, I would go back to that schedule again. We certainly wouldn't sell the shop, 'cause my hubby will work on his side of the business full-time still, but he has no clue on tinting.

This would be a major decision, and the only reason I would consider it is for the health insurance coverage. Money is certainly not an issue, though an engineering salary job is definitely easier on the body than tinting income.

Affordable health insurance for the self-employed sucks. I had both of my knees replaced over 12 years ago, and now I am having problems with one of them again. I can't afford to do anything about it with my current insurance and situation, but I could have it fixed if I was in a corporate health plan.

The company is located about 25 miles from my home, which I also have to consider with the price of gas now. It's much better than the 50 mile commute I was doing five years ago, but much worse than the five block commute I have now.

Sorry for the long-winded topic, but any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Guest expertint

Good luck exacto.I think if I had to do it over again I would take the corporate route as being self employed isn't all it's cracked up to be. I have made a good living having a tint shop for 20yrs, but I've also worked all Saturdays and mostly 6 days a week for all these years.I agree that the medical ins. sucks and that having a corp job will help that area. How have you tinted all this time with two new knees thats amazing.keep us informed on your decision..

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Believe me, the recovery time on those knee jobs was not short or easy, but I have some nice rolling seats here at the shop for doing door windows and panels while seated. Needless to say, I prefer four-door vehicles. The less time I am in a back seat, the better. With the one knee getting painful again, I am just living on pain meds for the time being, but I know that is only masking the problem, and not solving it.

I appreciate your input, and your comments are exactly the way I was thinking on this. My tinting business has been going for 16 years, 10 of them part-time evenings/weekends. Some of the time was during college, and some as an engineer. I really don't want to work for someone else again, but at least I know exactly what I am going to make every month, with the extra tinting income only needed for toys.

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you do what you think its best, if it pays more than what you make now tinting windows then I think you know your answer.

you can also sell the tinting side of the business that way you have extra income there.....would you still want to be tinting windows at 55-60? hope I havent offended anyone here :bingo

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I just copied my resume' files from my home computer to print at the shop, meaning that I am going to give it a shot.

To answer your question Tint, the income is comparable, not including insurance and some of the other overhead costs.

The tough part is working FOR someone. I get along well with others, but I am not much of a morning person, and a set schedule tends to tick me off a bit.

I am planning on keeping the tinting business, and doing the nights and weekends thing like I did in the past. I know that will change my tinting schedule significantly, with cars scheduled as far as six weeks out, but if they like my work, they will wait.

Thanks everyone for the support here. If anyone has experienced a similar decision, or if you have any other ideas of things I should think of before making the final decision, please let me know. Thanks.

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I think it is a smart move Exacto-Oh. And just think of it this way, you can CHOOSE who to tint for. :krazy Having health insurance & retirement bennies is rather important at a certain point.

I am facing something similar, and really look forward to the new changes in the coming year. I still love tinting, and wouldn't dream of giving it up. But the way I do things is about to change drastically.

Wish you the best with your choices! :bingo

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