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new Hummer h3

Guest dumplin

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Guest nautiboi73
yeah that car says "I can't afford a real hummer"


thats funny because I thought the h2 was for the I can't afford a real hummer (h1) people :bat I can't wait to see the h4 :bat



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Hey blade im new on the side just bin looking at sum of your window TINT their real impressive


thank you very much.

did one of these ugly H3's yesterday. this one looked nice. I'm too lazy to upload a picture. unscrew (don't remove) the hex screw from behind the door handle. if you remove it there's a spacer that can fall down inside the panel. after loosening the screw the panel top can be pulled up and back to unlip it from the gasket. then the gasket pulls right out.

also...the law on w/s strips is 6" here. which we did for this chick. well...that's damn near half the windshield. :thumb she liked it though.

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