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Guest tintgod

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Guest tintgod
TG, no offense, if you paid more than $500 for that site, you got robbed :bingo


$500..are you crazy...I would never pay anyone that much for a site...I designed most of that site with a site builder...it costs me $ 19 a month..and I can change it around anyway I want...and at anytime...sooo..is that good ? :evilgrin

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Guest tint rookie

looks good!!! might want to reconsider the johnson "why tint" add as support for a suntek using co. could leave window open for sh!t talking by competition, and or a lawsuit for plagurism.

change the order up, reword it, you should be safe.

I did same on the back of my 4x6 glossies,

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Very Nice TG !!

yeah the 7 reasons is a well known J ad, I would at least re-word it

what kind of cars are those in the gallery, #3 & #5 blue one & grey one ? :dunno

I like it. Very effective

And now, since you posted the phone...............

a certian Ky mountian guy will be calling to furk with you :evilgrin

I was in Jax at Wolfson's with Jr Tuesday, would have liked to come by,

but, we were running late. One day I'll come by and shoot :bingo

or sling some film with 'ya

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