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N00b needs help

Guest darkdan

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Guest darkdan

Alright, I have a scan of a business card size logo that I need to go from .jpg to an .ai plotter ready image that's about 18" long.

Anyone know of a good tutorial?

It also doesn't help it's going to end up being 3 layers (colors).

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Guest Al-tint

You are talking apples to oranges.

.jpg is a bitmap (pixels) and .ai is a vector (line).

There are different software programs out there to convert pixels to lines, but from what I have seen and used, most are not that great.

Adobe Streamline works and Corel Draw has a feature in it's program.

There are companies that you email you highly detailed pictures to and they vectorize it for you the next day. Prices are not cheap, but either is your time to do it. Email me for more info.

I don't use them much anymore as we now print most of our work.


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most viny cutting programs vectorize and clean 'em up for you

casmate, flexi, etc.....

I have corel 11, but its vector tool is suckin nutz

I will vector it for 'ya Dan :nope

but it would be rough, a good sign shop can do way better



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Guest darkdan

How will I ever learn if yall do it for me?

My friend's cousin just started a sign shop. She's getting off her feet and I'm trying to send her as much business as I can and help out.

I was hoping someone would say, "Open AI, Edit, Vectorize, cut."

See attachment.

Looking to do 3 colors. White brush with black bristles. White background for all the letters. Red letters.


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Guest tat2punk
I rescanned it and put it into Illustrator CS2 and tried tracing.....

I think it's vector now.  It's went from about 1 meg to 8 megs.


I just made it vector for you. I just copy and past the image in corel draw and basically remake it by manually tracing it. Took me about 15 minutes.

email me at DJ@tat2punk.com if you want me to send it to you in an eps.


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