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What is the best film

Guest friendly_giant

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Guest friendly_giant

I'm a noob I will have to admit

I am getting my 04 grand prix tinted.. I'm in southern ontario canada

I have been to a few places for quotes.. everyone is about the same price... but everyone has differen films

so my question is what is the best to use.. I plan to keep this car for a long time and want a quality job

I have been offered:

Formula one Ultimate


3m tinting

now my only concern is that I have heard metallic tint is the best as it will stay it's true colour.. but however it may interfere with radio?

hope anyone can help


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Guest friendly_giant

Well true I don't need peoples opinion in terms of picking my colour or what not, but I trust the experience you have had in the industry more than anything else

even though they all offere lifetime warranty I'm sure some are better than others in terms of holding its colour

lastly is if the metallic film will actually distort the radio of not

and true I can search the forums, but the search function on this bulletin board is not very good

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metallized film can disrupt the AM radio reception. it's hit and miss as far as when it does. some cars yes...some no. you can have 5 identical cars lined up and it might only affect one of 'em. :thumb

the metallized films are going to last longer when it comes to color stability.

as far as brands go....ask 20 of us here and you'll get 20 different answers. :lol

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I use solargard...love it.

guest uses suntek...loves it.

Metint uses LLumar...loves it.

Eclipse uses 3M...loves it.

Leo uses DARTZ...loves it.

JUSTIN uses sungard...loves it.

TINT TERRORIST uses WalMart...loves it. :thumb

get my drift yet? :lol

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