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Best Shrinking Films

Guest Diamond Tints

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shapeshifter :woowoo thats furkin funny

captians log............. stardate 42069

I had some freaky back glass's that wouldn't quite shrink far enough

I got a sample roll of some private label film that shrunk like mad

but I won't name it 'cause the partial roll I ordered recently of 40%

was GREEN! and diddn't shrink any better than the other films I stock

to me, it ain't about easiest to shrink

it is about how much will it shrink, before it runs out of stretch


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Dyed films shrink best.

3M's ColorStable shrinks like mad crazy! It's not easy to work with because it shrinks so fast and with so little heat. It can shrink so fast dry that I've made it fold over onto itself.

So there is a limit to how easily you want something to shrink.

So far the best full metal film I've played with that shrank well is Suntek's InfinityOP.

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