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white mirror finish

Guest mottl3y

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hey hey yall. I h@te for my first post to be a question, but I dont think id be contributing anyting useful anyway :coffee

is it possible to get a white tint, in a mirror finish? im aiming to tint a piece of acrlyic to white, but when a light shines from behind, the acrylic becomes clear again. I know you can get black, but I was hoping for white.

cheers guys,


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No white... there is however a mirror tint that looks very silver in appearance that may do what you're looking for.


Other hand white opaque + glass = U can see Your face = mirror? :thumb:poke


no not really. look in my album we just an old navy store, white opaque film. white is white....

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yea yer not gonna find any thing that is going to be mirrored white but there is mirrored silver and mirror bronze and also llumar makes a 15 in the DR series that is mirrored and the color is an earthtone brown, but im sure all that does nothing for you if yer looking for white but just letting you know some of the other options.

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