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Viper 791 Bench Test

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Bought a 791 on eBay. I'll give you the sellers name if you want it. Did not know till after purchase that there was any kind of issue in buying them. I am not an installer. Just an electronics tech for an electrical manufacturer.

I wanted to test this thing before going to all the work of putting in my Porsche. I put it up on my bench and started reading the manual. From what I could determine, none of the connections from the units modules formed any kind of interlock on the units operation. e.g. You have to have the pink and white ignition wire grounded unless it is actively switched via the ignition switch to the run position and getting a positive voltage. ( I don't think ignition switches even work this way but hopefully my lame example makes sense)

So I took a 12volt car battery - properly charged and hooked up wires like so:

Negative: H1/8 "BLK Horn"

Positive: H1/11

Red wire from horn to H1/10

All other connections were plugged into the main module including the valet switch and the LED, antenna and shock sensor

After doing this I poped a battery in the remote and tried the lock unlock button. NOTHING. No LED flash no chirp. The remote indicated it had not made contact with the main module.

Did I get hosed and was given a fried brain, or are there wires that have to be connected to get this to work on the bench? What is the trick?

Thanks in advance.


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