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best way to fill gaps in edges

Guest kevro

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well the titile pretty much describes it, my volvo 740 has real hard rub ber edges in the insade edges of the glass and everytime I have cut the film to fit it butts against the hard rubber and wont seal at the edge so I gave up and cut it too small and now it rrealy stands out on the inside. Any suggestions as to hiding the gaps where the sun shines thrrough??



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I like the leave it long answer. Try to loosen up the gaskets before application, by trimming or take a hard card and pry on them a bit. I have tried paint and tape, and they don't work as well as I expected. Paint wears off, and tape (vinyl striping) wears out in one year, not to mention, it's just as difficult to get behind the gaskets as the film is.

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