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Hello fellas, aint been here for a while so I thought I just drop in and ask a quick question...or 2

I have a swimming pool to do and im wondering what would be the best film to use in this area, now I was going to use silver but im worried about light reflecting off the water :spit or will it ?? so what film would you recomend as life gaurds are blinded by sun light coming in....I also have 2 round windows to do in the same area 1500 mm wide and im woundering how to cut a template ect.

Kind regards


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Yep... a silver 20 would do the job, or a darker duel reflective would be nice as well.

You may want to do something a litlle lighter on the round ones in case of any defects along the edge of the glass.... And yea, just cut the film to the rough size of the circle and then trim. Hopefully the caseing isn't to deep...

Here's a small round wire glass window with sil 220. It gets no sun, though...


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:lol    for sure.  Gotta use straight water to keep the little bugger from sliding everyehere...

Looks like quite the pile of glass, there, potzy :spit


cool init...I do tons of this kinda work nowadays and hardly any autos...which is nice :lol

oh and that aint me in the pic :lol

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yeah...I would go with the silver 35...that way you wont get to dark in there and I dont think it will be that refective..looks like a good job to do...I wish I can get some of those..as for the round one ... do what blade said...or you can put the film up first...pre cut it a little big....I find peeling those round big windows a pain in the arse sometimes.. :spit

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