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Rock Star INXS


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Yeah, she was good :beer I'd tell ya who got let go tonight...but for time zone reasons, I don't want to ruin it for anyone :beer

I personally think Marty is best suited for the band...he's good , yet more modern and hip than the rest...will hopefully get an older band back up with the times to a new audience :lol

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This is in no way to be offensive to Suzie or Jordy as being on thier way in thier own way to professional singers...but they didn't stand a chance at being the replacement singer for INXS...it just doesn't fit.

It's like David Lee Roth leaving Van Halen and replacing him with Lee Aaron ...or Pat Benatar...both pros female singers...but it just wouldn't fit with doing songs of the past when touring.

I hope both those cool chicks the very best in thier singing career :spank

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