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Now I lay

Guest metint

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Wouldn't it be wonderful when life has been lived to its fullest only to find in the end you can leave simply by laying your head down on folded arms for a nap and not wake up?

May my last surving grandparent (Marie) be enveloped in peace for she has seen the eyes of god.

96 years until yesterday :ohcrap

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Guest tint rookie

what a long full life, all the things shes seen.

sometimes I dont wanna get old, all the suffering. but if I knew I was just gonna go take a nap and not wake up. thats the way to go.

sorry for your loss.

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Sounds like a lfe to be celebrated, not mourned, although it's always a loss.....God bless her soul.  :thumbdown



96 ..the stories she must have been able to tell .

Sorry for your loss Metint.

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