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I have done two of these this week and neither went well, I have only been tinting for about 6 months, but I had already tinted two of these same cars before and was able to pull it off both times... I was using a thinner film then , NR Charcoal by solar gard, now I'm using HP smoke and I can't get that film to work on that car without having stress marks or creasing it, I'm more frustrated than an omish electrician... I dry shrink with bounce sheets, I have tried everything I know ,nothing is working... Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'm losing it here.... I try H patern, single line in the middle of glass, I try shrinking center out, from the corners in...a little bit of the finger at a time, from the mouth up or down, the window with that film just won't have it...HELP???Those are all of the different ways I can think of to shrink this nasty biaaaatch....I'm outta ideas... :evilgrin

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