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Ok, I have searched, and am too drunk :coffee to continue searching, but I know I have read how to post pictures, but my dumb numbed brain can't recall :evilgrin . Can someone please briefly remind me how to do it......please?

I am nek!d and want to show TTC my goods.......naw, just kidding, just want to post a few pics of my proud tint job! :beer

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When you are making a post, you can easily attach an image that is on your computer without having to upload it to the gallery or a hosting service.

All you need to do is have the pic stored on your computer.

When you are typing your post there is an attachment field near the bottom, just hit the "browse" button, find the file on your computer click it, hit open, then hit the "post new topic" button.

Make sure the pic is under 100k.


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