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Simple but nice Rose de Flame

Guest Tintbds

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how much extra would someone pay you to do that? I can barely get people to pay for the visors much less the extra 20 I'd charge for that little thing

I miss seeing those visors, were ya been TBDS.

Plotters got nothin on those hand made grafix.


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Guest Tintbds

That's an interesting question. :cool

A simple visor like whats above can cost $20-30 BDS = $10-15 US: extra to the tint job.

More detail can cost as much as $40- 60 BDS = $20-30 US:

extra to tint job.

However if it is not a full tint job the visor will cost more.

But you have to be good.

Or you will scare the customer away.

It takes years to be establish as a tint-artist.

So hang in there "BlackOut" Ohh Tinting in gerenal is a talent so image what is required to extend that gift.

Much years and hard work.

Ask the guys here?

Leo'N'Dart suv not an over night thing :krazy


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Guest Tintbds


Work like whats below can cost more than tinting a full car. :cool

So it really depends.

The idea is to develop your work to the point that people want it. Thats's where marketing skills come into the tint business.

They are plenty guys here you can learn from.

So stay a member and be attentive. :krazy



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