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Blind leading the masses

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Here is an article with step by step instructions on how to tint your vehicle. :lol2:rollin:lol2:rollin:lol2

Here are some highlights:-

"What the pros do is cut the tint in thin strips and place it carefully between the lines of your rear window defroster wires. "

"Get a small rubber squeegee or rubber spatula "

"If you like the trim as it is, apply some clear nail polish to the top edges of the glass. "

"Don't apply tint film in the winter months."

"Push the tint right into the edge, using a sharp razor cut the film a couple mm's (1/16 inch) onto the window rubber as the film will shrink slightly when dry."

"For stubborn water or air bubbles that won't come out on a flat surface use a tiny sharp pin to poke a tiny hole in the film."

If you want to learn his good install method:-



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dude..is it just me...or does it look like the front windows are rolled down on the before picture in the link...I dont see any refection what so ever.. :spit  :spit


I don't think it's just you TG they appear to be down to me.

I wonder if red finger nail polish will do :spit

Man I really thought I knew how to tint? but now I'm not so sure I know what I'm doing.. :spit

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