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Tinting Windshields


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I know most on this board are opposed to doing entire windshields...

What would you tell a customer like this?

A customer called me a couple of weeks ago and said that the vehicle I tinted 6 months ago had been totalled in a wreck. She was sitting in the driver's side, and her husband on the passenger side. The vehicle was t-boned from the passenger side.

She said her husband was almost injury free, and said that the window tint on the side windows kept him from getting cut from glass shards.

She, however, got glass pieces in her eye from the windshield being shattered, and now insists on getting all windows tinted in her new small sized SUV, including moonroof, sides and rear, AND windshield entirely with 50% film.

She's determined to avoid glass injury in the case of another accident.

According to her, the airbags are what damaged the windshield more than the collision, and had there been film on the last windshield, she'd have been saved a lot of trouble and pain.

Seems like a good argument for putting film on windshields to me. :woowoo

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Think of all the hungry kids in Africa......

when her next accident HAS injuries that MAY be attributed to the !llegal tint that you apply.

Her legal team can and will take your car, house, business, bank accounts, computer, stocks, bonds, ipod and batman comic book collection.

You will no longer have money to send to the needy. What will happen to them. :shock

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Guest Tint Slug

I do SunTek INF65 on W/Shields for all the firemen locally just for that reason and it works great for heat and UV also....I even do all the fire engines and truck front doors and w/sheilds with it. Light enough that you really can't even tell it's on them

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Make sure she knows that if her insurance company finds out she has !llegal tint they can drop her on her azz and not pay for anything if there is another accident. then guess who gets sued next......

and that her face might smashed like a pancake the next time since the glass will be strengthened with the tint instead of giving like its supposed to.

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tell her if a doctor will give her a perscription you would be happy to fill it.

some states will allow a dr. note as a waiver.

only put clear on it and tell her to notify her insurance and if they approve make them send her a letter.

if she is willing to go through all that, and gets all that stuff. tint it.

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even though tinting windshields may look like no problem at all, its still !llegal, and insurance companies being what they are, they find whatever lil thing to avoid a claim,

do what MR DARKDAN said put on some 2 mil safey film on there or UV and you'll be ok. you still want to tint windshields like that, avoid the paper work.....and even that way your risking it..

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      Tinted Windshields Negate Windshield Sun Shades : Tinted Sunroofs=Exploding/Crack Glass

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      Tinted Windshields Negate Windshield Sun Shades : Tinted Sunroofs=Exploding/Crack Glass

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