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heres a morbid one for ya

Guest tint rookie

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Guest tint rookie

in h.s. I swore id be 60 have a mil. in the bank. marry a beutiful 20yr old blonde who only wanted me for my money. and live out the rest of my life getting blown to sleep every night.

now, by the time I get to that age of worrying about it. theyll be taking drivers liscences away form the senile. im financing the fastest car avail. puttin it into a wall and leaving my familly the payment.

if I got a time limitation today, (you got a month to live crap) it would be a new rice rocket, a pair of handcuffs and a suicide run to the grand canyon.

you got the adrenaline of a buck 40+, falling, and if you arch it just right, drowning.....I hear its a peaceful way to go.

that and ive never been to the grand canyon.

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