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306 with spoiler

Guest Unit 8

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Hi guys,

New to this forum but run a tint shop in NW England called Unit 8 performance products and need a little help on a Peugeot 306.

Now normally this doesnt create a problem but this particular car has a large rear spoiler bonded to the top of the rear screen which means that I cant get the film to to the top of the film to shrink it :shock

Does anyone have any pointers on this as the car is in on Monday morning so need to be sure of the method before then.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Kind Regards,


Unit 8


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Hi mate,

thanks for your advice, just need to clear it up a bit.

Do I shrink the top of the film first then shrink the bottom on the inside of the glass or do the bottom first then do the top inside the glass?



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Guest naughtydog

Shrink the bottom, shrink the top as far as the spoiler will allow, drop the film down a little and reshrink again, it wont be perfect but will be somewhere near.

If you wish, do a test mount of the film on the inside with the liner on and see if you have any large fingers, if so wet shrink them out, mount the film as normal and then shrink any remaining fingers.

Just be careful heating the film directly...


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