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Some new music for 'ya

Guest zolar

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Here is my alternative to rap

2 songs from me & the wife unit, from our humble studio. :hmmm

Me = Guitars, Bass, Drum & Perc programming

She = Vocals and Keys

Hope you dig it... if not, kindly hit your "back" button and it will go away





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man I LOVE that. I really mean it. YOu and your wife really made that ZOLAR?


yep....thats us

recorded on this same computer

the 2nd one is a little older on a cheaper keyboard,

before we got the bugs worked out of the production

I am glad you like it, Seriously :shock

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Holy Sh!t Dude!! Thats realy realy good stuff. You need to send that out to some industry peeps pronto. What the Fvck are you doing slangin papas??? :hmmm


Thanx NT!!

We showcased it to several record industry people

but all they want to sell is rap & azz

we are selling niether :dunno

now were are trying to score for film & TV

nothing major yet, a little FM & XM exposure, and some independent films

gotta slang papa if we want to eat

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