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Insulated Glass.... peelboard?

Guest SSC

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I was driving along one afternoon and saw what looked like two storm doors sitting against some guy's garage with the word "Free" taped on them.

So I got home, grabbed my husband and the truck and returned to retrieve them.

...only to discover that they weren't storm doors.

They were two huge pieces, say, 3' x 7' or so, larger than a door... and they're thick, insulated glass. double-pane with, like, 3/4" between the panes. It looks as if they were installed someplace and cut out, because the black rubbery stuff around them has a bit of a raggedy edge.

and they're HEAVY. easily 150lbs each, maybe more.

These appear to be too large/heavy to make a peelboard out of. They're just not mobile enough, and mike likes to bring the peelboard to the side of the vehicle he's working on...

I guess we could make a table out of one of them, they're just SO big so that they're unweildy.

Any other suggestions? Mike thinks they're just too heavy to be a peelboard. Our shop walls are cinderblock, so mounting one would be an undertaking, and I don't intend to stay at the shop we're at for much longer.

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Whe nI first got into car tinting , I went to the local glass shop , they had a dual pane padio door that had one of the panes broke, they gave me the other half for $5 ...I cleaned off the seal and still have it to this day as a wall peeler for film peices :lol

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