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Devil beaten by a ferral

Devil with bad attitude

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School holidays are now on and you know what that means?

Disastrous little ferrals running amok in our showrooms.

I had a mother and 3 little she devils come in today to view tint for their home only to find these little blighters nearly ransacked the joint.

One pulled a big framed film print that I had especially made up off the wall and smashed the corner of it when it hit the floor, another grabbed a piece of film off my application board and trashed that and the last one just ran ferral all over the shop.

The mutha had no control at all and it was just like you see on the Bugs Bunny show and the devil going crazy.

I couldn't wait to see the last of the little bastards backsides and even then I didn't get the sale. :spit:lol2

Devil :spit

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Wow, at that time it would be nice to have a sign "If you break it, you buy it". That really sucks. Hope she doesn't take those kids into a shop with breakable figurines or something like that.

I absolutely despise having kids in my shop. They come in all interested in what we are doing here, to buy sodas, or to ask for air in their bike tires. Don't get me wrong, kids are cute and I like children, but not on-the-job. They tend to just get in the way and waste my time.

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Guest tinterjim

Damn sorry Devil. My shop is set up to be kid friendly. I take my kids to work with me alot. I have skate boards, a trick bike, and a Playstation. Seems to keep 'em busy for a few hours :thumbdown

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