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just got back from vegas


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I got back from las vegas last night after a good weekend celebrating mine and my wifes 5th anniversary. the only thing is if you go there dont stay at the hotel san remo across from the mgm. I have stayed at this place for years and have never had a problem untill this weekend. the hotel was bought by hooters and they have a ton of construction goping on to convert it too a hooter casino but they really let the hotel go to @#$%. I mean the carpet had tape holding it together all over the place,you could even pull your luggage because the carpet would bunch up, the elevator felt like a death trap, drink service was terrible and too make it worse I get carded which was ok because I look young but after I give the security officer my id he ask me if I had a valid passport like I was !llegal. when I complained they said they usualy dont ask for a passport unless its real obvious your not from america. I also complained about the condition of the hotel and they appoligized for the way the casino/hotel looked but they said they would comp me some rooms for a weekend, but I decline and said I would not stay here again for the way I was treated and I would never recommend this place to anyone and the people at the front desk got pissed. so if you go to vegas dont stay there

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Guest tint rookie

on your 10th anniv. you'll look back and laugh. luckily you dont spend too much time in your room in vegas....shoulda took the comp for SEMA. (ill tkae it if you dont)

other than that, all went well?

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