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tint shops in Boone NC?


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trying to move to Boone NC and wanting to get up with some shops up there... if you know of any or live up that way and have a phone book can you point me in the right direction? I would appreciate it... willing to do flatglass or auto... thanks


It is beautiful in Boone and Hickory

Nice folks too

good luck in your quest :nope

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In my travels a few years ago as a tint rep I found only one place doing tint and it was mostly an detail shop on one of the roads outside Boone. Old school, multiple strips type tinting (didn't want to take the time to learn heat forming).

Last I heard they were still there.

Sorry... don't remember the name. Most tinting for those areas usually get provided by those out of Charlotte, Kannapolis, and Winston-Salem.

Move up and start your own biz.

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I know alot of people that have moved here from up in that area and they keep telling me about this shop thats booked back like 3-5 months... I find it hard to believe.... and if no one else can do 1 piece back glass then.... might be worth going up there to open a shop... but any info you guys can provide me with I appreciate... thanks

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Here's the scoop...

There are 3 tinting concerns in and around Boone, one of which I mentioned in an earlier post (he's outside of town at Banner Elk).

Of the other two, one is putting out very high quality installs and is considering a switch to FormulaOne.

The other was not spoken of in terms of stand out.

If you are looking at employment ops, email me for the name of the high quality place as I am not going to put names out in the open here (tintrdav@netscape.net, place 'tint' in the subject line).

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What part of Carolina are you moving from??

I employed a guy for about five years up to recently, he moved to Charlotte with plans of starting a Trim/ tint shop.

He tells me there is a huge market for it there including Boone, Hickory and the surrounding area.

Sounds like an untapped market opportunity to me.

Like Metint said, Start your own biz. Go network with some dealerships and check it out. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained... Right?

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