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COLD FRONT ON THE WAY FINALLY!! it was 100 2 days ago and wednesday its supposed to be in the mid 70`s. bout time for some relief mang.

cool this heah hell hole down mang :dunno

best news I heard in a long time....when its been hotter than hades for what seems like ever now a taste of fall is pretty sweet.

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Guest naughtydog

I dont know how you can live in that heat...it would drive me mad!!

Have you always lived in that part of the world Mdog?? If so, I suppose you get used to it after a while.

Do people generally operate a little slower in the hot season or is it madness all year round?


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NAUGHTY I have lived here all my life :dunno you just get used to it. its ballz to the wall for 6 months around here for tinting when its hotter that hizzzel then the other 6 when it cools off some you take what you can get. I dont go outside alot in the summer :dunno

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