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Could use some help

Guest tphreakert

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Guest tphreakert

Ok, guys found the site while trying to find reviews on different types of tint manf./types/etc. Its been a wealth of knowledge, so I figured I'd ask your guys opinons on whats my best deal, and type, here is my situation.

'01 Lexus IS 300 (White)

(Want to tint complete front window slightly lighter than rest of the car, so asked for quotes on 35% front, 20% rest of car)

Local Shop 1

$189 (Sides/Back) In Quantum (didnt say what type specifically)

$75 (Front) recommended not doing front window in Quantum (I have to come in to be explained why) so this is 3M Standard

Local Shop 2

$229 (Sides/Back) In 3M Color-Stable

$75 (Front) In 3M Color-Stable

$189 (Sides/Back) In 3M HP

$75 (Front) In 3M HP

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Guest tphreakert

blade, saw on another post you said you had pics of cars done in quantum, but cant find em in your gallery, are they still there? If so could you link em for me?

Anyone have any pics of the color-stable?

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Where do you live?

I want to spend all day long driving around waiting to get hit by someone with a tinted windshield so I can sue the living daylights out of them and the shop that did it.

This way, I won't have to work anymore. =)

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