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Finally got my cornelious tank up and running

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I know I originally started this post elsewhere, but I don't have time to screw around getting that issue fixed right now...

I obtained an old tank from a Pepsi distributor just outside of town. I installed a pressure gauge, an inlet air filter, and a schroeder valve on the inlet side. On the outlet side, just a hose and extra sprayer end I had laying around. I pumped it up to 30 psi last night, played around with 2 psi to see how she worked, and it didn't drop a bit overnight.

I was suprised at how inexpensive the parts were to outfit this for tinting, especially the gauge. I paid just over four bucks for a 0-100 psi pressure gauge. The schroeder valve allows me to just pump it up like a standard tire, and it holds the pressure in so I don't have to remove the quick-disconnect on the tank if I don't want to.

I don't know what the relief valve pressure was on my old hand-pump tank, but the spray at 30 psi is definitely more agressive than that tank ever was, even when fully pumped. I just got it up and running last night late, so I haven't used it yet, but I imagine that will help with flushing out gaskets and such on older vehicles.

I know you wanted pics TTC, and I will get them posted as soon as I get my camera up and running again.

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I have some pictures.

The first shows the entire tank assembly, with the air inlet plumbing swiveled out.

The second shows the entire assembly, minus the hose/nozzle, with the air plumbing swiveled inward.

The third shows it with the air quick-disconnect removed. As a note, I only lost 1 psi removing and re-installing the air inlet plumbing.




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The fourth shows just the air inlet plumbling... from left to right is the schroeder valve, gauge with tee fitting, orange air filter, pipe-to-flare conversion fitting, and finally, the quick disconnect fitting for the tank.

And finally the pic of Tank5, with the new tank next to my old tank.



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I installed the gauge for my piece of mind. I know that our air compressor here at the shop produces about 140 psi air, and the tank itself, not including the plastic air filter and water hose, is only rated at 120 psi. Even then, I put on a pair of safety glasses the first time I added pressure last night... I used to be a hydraulic test engineer... have had many episodes with bursting things with pressure. Like I posted earlier, the gauge was a whole lot less expensive than I expected.

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I have seen gauges in the air-line at other shops, but we never had that kind of set-up here. We do have an air regulator/dryer, used for the paint gun, but I really didn't want to lug that thing around every time I filled my tank. And, at $4.25, the gauge is convenient.

I did have to purchase the tank, even though it's a used tank from a Pepsi distributor. I actually acquired it from the place that cleans and services the tanks between fillings for the local Pepsi distributor. They do not like to part with these things, and it took a bit of bartering to get one... a little labor and $15.

It looks like I can probably get more, so if anyone is interested in having a set-up like this, I may be able to build them and sell them (cheaper than the tool distributors).

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