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Air bubbles in Tint HELP

Guest bobthepainter

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Guest bobthepainter

Hey all,

Recently my power windows in my passenger side have been acting up and the window has been moving extremely slow. I thought it was the motor at first but it turned out to be a grease build up.

Anyways the grease built up on the corner of the window and made the window stick to the car. When the door was opened the grease made the door stick and I think it "pulled" at the window tinting.

There are now a bunch of tiny air bubbles in the corner of the window where the grease was. Is there any way to get these out or does the window need to be re-tinted?


PS: The car is a 95 chevy camaro

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If there's nothing wrong with the existing film except one bubble, pop it with a pin and press the are to the glass. Despite what some believe, it will not peel... if you pop it with a chisel, yes, needle... :lol

If there are many bubbles and edge lift, take it in and have a pro replace it... prices vary through out the country, best to lift that 500lb phone receiver, call a shop and ask price.

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