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Anybody know anyone in DEi

Guest Raices3

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I looking into getting something set up with

Directed electronics

I talked to them and They want you to buy like $3500 upfront and they will tell you what to stock

I was wondering if anyone has a hook up with them at wholesale

prices where I could tell them just the alarms and remotes that I need and get those instead of like a bunch of alarms that I dont want to stock

I really appreciate any help thanks

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It is extremely difficult to get hooked up with them as a dealer. I tried a couple of years ago with no luck, then talked to a guy last year who wanted to help me out. Then I didn't hear back from him.

I just started carrying UltraStart products instead. They are high quality and all their products carry lifetime warranties. Their technical department is very helpful also, with Acrobat files on all vehicle wire colors, and very accurate data regarding special resistor values for single wire lock systems, etc.

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Thanks for your help

Primarily I am getting a lot of requests for

1. Viper 791xv remote start

2. Viper 791xv extra remotes

3. Clifford matrix

4. Clifford matrix extra remotes

thats it for now

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I like the viper alarms a lot and I like the clifford ones that are similar to it as well.

A lot of people that I deal with are impressed by them, so its its easy to sell them

I agree thats why I dont want a bunch of crap that dei does sell

I only want to deal with specific models that are popular

hopefully someone can help me out

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