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LEXUS GS 300 2006

Guest clear image

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Guest ninjatinter

Everyone thinks that's a camera. It's not. Put a rag over it and put it in reverse, you will find that the camera is in the bumper. I think the lil feller in the brake light is a rear light sensor to flip the RV mirror.How are you guys getting that fecker apart?? Just yank it or what?? :thumb

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Guest keepitcool

im impressed that you know what that is. I asked a dealer when I did the last one and he had no idea what it was. it slides right out. just unplud it. I take it all out just leaving the bottom part of the braklightand then I stick a piece or scrap film over the whole thing.

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Dont need to remove rear brake light did 2006 gs300 today was quit easy

for me and I am a rookie there is enogh room to side the tint in behind and spend a couple extra seconds squeegeing the are behind the light. :gasp

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