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accessories dude from a large local dealership (acount of ours) just came in and said...

him: "hey, how ya doin? my boss came up to me today and said that along with accessories, I'm going to be doing all the tinting now." "I was wondering if you could give me some pointers and how to do it and what tools to use?"

me: "have you ever tinted before?"

him: "nope never anything"

me: " :thumbdown ....... so are they setting you up with a computer cut system?"

him: "they have computer cutting systems that cut the tint for you?"

me: "yep"

him: "wow...I didn't know it was that easy"

I'm not going to type out the entire conversation...but I think he thinks I'm a prick now. :eyebrows

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There was a shop in a nearby town that used to send a lot of work to me, then stopped two summers ago. I found out later that they attempted to start doing it in-house. Two months later, they called me up and tried to sell me all of their unused film off the shelf. It wasn't a high quality brand so I didn't buy it... haven't heard from them since. And, they aren't tinting either.

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