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I tinted a 99 ELDORADO yesterday, I had the thing done in about a hour. the rollups on this car are frameless, on frameless cars when I install the tint I push out on the glass and the glass pushes away from the gasket on the door panel leaving plenty of room to slide the tint in without taking a door panel off or even tucking the gaskey, its a wham bam thank ya mam window. This ladys car was falling apart in the back like it had been wrecked and put back together, she was even asking if we knew anybody that could fix her interior problems, they were mainly on the pass side.

She calls back today saying that I removed the door panels and a bunch of crap like that :bat I dont know whats wrong with them NOW but yesterday I didnt notice anything odd really, just basic stuff that a 1999 car would have, stuff kinda falling apart. She just bought it, it didnt even have new tags on it yet....Our salesman asked me if I had to take the panels off...I said HECK NO, its a frameless window, you dont have to....she called me a liar over the phone and said she had taken it to the caddilac place and the guy said it LOOKED like the tinter didnt put the panel back on right :jerkit nice of him to tell her that since he is a pro tinter :shock NOT!!!

It was more like his h@ck bodyshop didnt put it back together when they tried to jigger rig the car for resale. bunch of fvckin putzes.

She is coming by tomorrow to show us the "DAMAGE" WHATEVER!! I didnt take no dam panels off, and I would admit it if I did something that caused damage :thumbdown

Bottom line is the car is new to her and its a old car, whe has no idea whats wrong with it and since I was the last person to touch the car, I must have done it :nope you know if whe hadnt already spotted the damage to the interior panels next to the backglass she would have blamed me for that also :lol2 but she knew that was there because it was in plain sight, unlike a door panel that has been put back on kiltered.

Its automatically my fault. we shall see tomorrow.

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you got a sword, I recomend, use it :lol6

I had one the other day complaining about a scratch in the passenger seat by the head rest.

dealer calls me up wants me to pay. :lol6

just roll your eyes and hope biz picks up so you dont have to care about dealers.

dont forget the superglue to put the panel back on right. :thumb the whole case of glue.

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Sounds like one I had two weeks ago. Cracked rubber molding on an '01 car. It was damaged from the sun and stuff on the outside. Driver's side was cracked worse the the right side. I told her, I don't even touch the outside of the driver's window, except to wash it when I'm done. I do all double cutting on the passenger side.

Same thing with some people always looking for something for nothing.

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Guest ninjatinter

Man I h@te that sh!t. It never fails, if you point out something small they are cool. But if you don't point out the 6 inch crack in the doopanel with dirt and crazy glue all dried up in there, they blame you for it!! :lol6 Make it go away :thumb I feel for ya Mdog. Gets frustrating some times :lol6


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To avoid having customers blame you for damage done to their vehicle, take 8 quick pics of the car with your digital camera. ( 5 inside the car and 3 outside) Yes it is a pita, but it only takes TWO minutes and solves ALL your "you did this to my baby" problems. The customer shuts up right away when you have covered your butt.

Delete the pics after 2 weeks.

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I did a frameless acura legen or RL TL whatever it was, girl complaining because her rear roll up when she rolls it down the gasket tucks in, I did not tuck or remove the panel on that car and she was trying to blame me for it.....after having a meaningless discussion with her over something that's not a big deal, I went ahead and sprayed some WD40 inside the rubber but I told her it woudl leave streaks first couple of times upon rolling up and down....but whatever dude, your not alone....WE SHOULD ALL GO INTO FLAT GLASS AND MAKE THESE PITA'S SUFFFER WHEN THEY HAVE NO ONE DO THEY"RE PERFECT LIL CARS TO TINT :thumb

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