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customer ask to borrow a screw driver


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I had one of my customers come in and ask me if he could borrow a philips screwdriver real quick so he can tighten something on his doorpanel. so I asked him if he needed a right or left handed screwdriver so hes say hold on let me check. he comes back in and says left hand is fine, so I give him a screwdriver and when hes done he brings it back in and say what makes this left handed :). he called me back today laughing cause he just figured it out that I was joking with him. I guess he was asking some of his friends whats the difference between a left and right handed screw driver :)

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Guest nautiboi73
hes say hold on let me check.  he comes back in and says left hand is fine,


How did you keep a straight face when he came back, I would be on the floor by the time he came back.

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