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Kinda new to the bizz can u help?

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Alright. I've been tinting half ass for some years now mostly just for friends. Well, there's no one in my area that tint windows. People have to travel at least 30min. or more to the nearest tinter. I've been using Llumar stuff but I've been having some issues. Mainly is that I'll squeegy the living snot out of the tint making sure not to have much water left. After the tint sets up, I'll get what looks like dirt but I think it is air pockets.

Now, if I use cheap counter store tint, I usually don't have this problem. I've talked to my Llumar rep but he's not much help. He states that I've got to be leaving too much water so then I buy about $40 worth of all kinds of squeegys but nothing seems to help. If what he says is true, it doesn't make sense to me that I can tint fine with cheap Wallmart tint.

So tint gods, state what you think is my problem or what can be done. Also, what other brands are out there that work well? Thanks in advanced

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one reason this may be happening is that the cheap stuff is thinner ..and it can hide the dirt a little better...and if you are using a metal/dye film from llullu...sometimes the metel or shine of the fim will make the dirt stand out more...as the cheap crap from wally world is many a dyed film..im just guessing here...but I think it is good guess.. :please

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Guest mastertinter

are these pockets on the defroster lines (mainly sunfire cavalier) and how long after your done do they appear, I used llumar for about 13 years but switched to sun gaurd just recently maybe try there product it has been a good switch for us.

You may have to wait a while then heat the pocket and push it into the defroster line ( I am guessing its near the line ) other than that I never had a pocket problem, just keep practicing....

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Wow, I can't believe all the replies already. I'll try to answer all of the questions here. Location is NW Ohio. Yeah, it does make since on the type of tint and so on. I just can't believe that I get that much dirt in the tint. There's a shop about 45min away and most of the time he doesn't even shut his garage doors while tinting and his tint jobs usually are flawless. I make sure not to get the felt wet and clean everything real well. I've even wrapped the felt with tape and still have about the same outcome. I like to use the yellow turbo squeege I got from Llumar. I also use those soft bondo cards along with the little chiseler.

Like I stated before, I've been doing this for a while and about 2 years ago started doing it for money. I only average about one car a month so I am nothing like you guys. I love tinting and want to do good at it. It doesn't help that I am 4|\|4L too.

Question, how do you guys peel the clear backing off? Usually after I've trimmed the tint I just peel it off with it still on the outside of the window. Soap it down and slap it on and go. Do you guys do something different? I think I have the main parts down, it's just the details maybe that need tweeking. I know the best thing would be to take some sort of class but I can't see paying the amount of money they want :please

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Sounds like you are not getting the window clean to me.  What is your method for cleaning before application?


First I use 000 steel wool (obviously not on defroster windows). Sometimes that will be followed with a straight razor if it is an older car. If it is a new car (do alot of dealer work) I then use a special cleaner and lint-free towels to wipe. Then I soap it up and squeegy it sometimes 3 or more times dry working from the top down. After that I'm usually thinking I'm ready to apply the tint :dunno

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