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'05 Deville


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These cars are cake to tint. The only issues I had with mine today is the Landau roof. I never understood the point of these. It's just that factory option for people pissed off at tinters or something. They totally limit visiblilty, and in harsh winters, they hold moisture and salt and rot the roof.

All of the gaskets are removable without pulling the panels. These kinda remind me of the Taurus or the BMW, with the trim around the top three edges of the window, but on these, the gasket isn't embedded under the plastic as far. Just becareful, 'cause the rubbers have metal in them, and they're easy to bend. I double cut, and it seemed as though the glass on the left side was 1/4" longer than the glass on the right side.

With the Landau roof, the quarter windows in the back doors have to be cut on the inside, and the back is a bear to shrink. I basically marked where to cut the film with a Sharpie, and cut it on the bench. Shrinking the back glass, I shifted the film up, shrunk the bottom, then shifted it down, and shrunk the top. It sucked not knowing if the film would fit before installation, and I had to do a lot of shrinking after installation.

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Funny. Eight and a half years later, and my own comment on this car helped out today.

I don't do a while lot of caddies, and I couldn't remember if the panels just pulled back and exposed to gaskets, and I was afraid to wrench on them being an eight year old car. I did a 2002 STS R&R as my first job today (yuck), and those just pulled back, so I was hoping.

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      Tinting large glass with overhang

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