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New mdog's soap method Spray !!!

Guest zolar

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mdog's soap method has been a killer trick for most of us....Thanks M-Dog :lol2

I like the plexus spray for speed, but it could cause adhesive issues.

So It hit me, like a 2 ton heavy thing :?

open up 2 sprayers, and slice up a bar of Ivory into each one

add about 44oz of water to one, about 32 oz of alchol to the other, and let soak

alchohol diddn't do so well :hmmm

....but the water :bling

the next day shake, shake....instant mdog's soap method spray concentrate

spray a mist (preferably on a dry, hot back glass), Lock it down, and start humpin :)

with plexus @ $7.50 a can

Giant size dog juice is less than 1/10th the cost

So....all we need is a name

any Ideas :eyebrows


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I always wanted to try Mdog's soap method, but I loved the Sizing method soooo much, that I went out and bought a case of the stuff. I will admit, when I first saw it posted here, I was skeptical. I bought one can and tried it first, and totally loved it.

Anyone who uses the Sizing method knows that one can lasts for hundreds of cars, so I am set for a very long time. And, since I still love the Sizing method, I have no plans on trying the soap method until I am out of the stuff.

Great idea though Z!

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Thanx Exact-oh :eyebrows

The sizing is about the only one I haven't tried

I am always open for a better way to do anything

I will take your word and buy some

Doggie is killer for even the extreme compound radiused back glass

Saved my butt on several occasions

since I one-piece everything

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dat derrr good shizz mang.


Brotherman :eyebrows

If it wasn't for you,

there would be no doggie-style :)

Justa little sprizzle... my nizzle

And shrink like da shizzle :lol2

whatcha wanna call it? :bling

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