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They can't even measure it.

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This never ceases to amaze me....a woman rings up for a phone estimate today with "odd shaped windows." Her words yeah!

They are triangular and some are over a stairwell that she has no idea how big they are because she or hubby can't get to measure them. :bingo

Yet she expects me to be some kind of bird and fly through the phone and give an accurate estimate.

Here's the kicker...when I tell her about $600 ($450 USA), she goes all quite because hubby thought it would be nowhere near that.

Do you get them like that or am I privileged?

Morons! :bingo


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Like a commercial flat glass job to quote on today.

They want 3 quotes for a 235 sq.ft R and R.

The job is 13-15 years old at best, has now got security bars all over the glass which they want removed in the quote, now has office partitions 3"s away from the glass, the film looks fried on and it hasn't been cleaned in all that time.

Fingers and dried up CDF adhesive to boot and it will go to the cheapest quoter.

I've now decided to not even bid even though I have been there and wasted a minimum amount of time.

It's like they think they are doing us a favour to even quote. How lucky hey yet some pinhead hacker will do it for squat.

PS. And do you give free quotes? :dunno

Bloody shoppers.


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Free quotes? Tinting cars and close flat glass jobs, I don't charge for the quote. My hubby does auto repair though, and you always get three to four calls per day for price shoppers. These people do not realize what goes into doing an estimate, and the time involved. Back in the '70s, I can see a quick quote on an alternator replacement or something, 'cause everything was basically the same on cars. Now, that has changed tremendously. One car can be a quick replacement, and another can have a burried part that takes 6 hours.

We do not do free auto repair quotes, unless it is a customer of ours that is calling. If it is someone that we don't know, we ask them to bring the car in for the quote... and we normally don't see them.

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