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Wax, Polish, Sratch Remover


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Our family just took control of a 96 Ram PU from another family member that trashed it, and we need to fix it up enough to sell it just to pay the bank off (3k owed)

Black paint, scratched up pretty good, but just mainly the clear coat and some scratched that are into the paint pretty good as well.

What could a DIYer use to hide these well enough to get the rig sold? Would the colored wax work in combination with a polish? It can either be done by hand or I have one of those cheapo low speed buffer/polishers from wally world (don't laugh!!!).

What steps should we take to get this looking as good as possible for resale? I already have the interior in order, but the exterior is the thing we are unsure on where to start and what would be the best combination.

Please only list things that would be easily found at places like Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Napa, wally world and the like.

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Guest jug head

well honestly-- I would spend the $250 TO $300 A PROFESSIONAL would charge you to do the job. They can Wet sand, Buff, Polish Clean and dress the motor, Paint the undercarriage, extract carpet and seats and do the "tricks of the trade" that can turn a $1500 dollar pick-up into a $2500 to $3000 dollar piece.

A clean truck is proven time and time again to bring more money than one that seems to be ragged out or abused. A PROFESSIONAL can and will make you money on this. :lol2 I buy $1500 dollar work trucks all the time and Put a Good detail on them and double my money-- I have two kids that I'm sending to private school by doing this. Trust me-- It will be the best return for your money that you can spend on a used vehicle that your wanting to sell.

now--if you still want to do this--spend close to $65 to $75 on the 3M- perfect it system from napa--3 part system--and two waffle pads-- go slow--1300 rpm max-- and good luck! but a couple more bucks and a pro will do it and make it right with no swirls and wet sand the bad spots.. lol-- if you can't tell-- I do this for a living--and give allot of free advice--usually doesn't take much advice and them pricing the products I use-- to figure out--I'm cheaper in the long run :lol2

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Uh, not the answer I was looking for but I do see your point.

No one is trying to make money on this deal, just get out from under the loan. If it was my decision, I would do what you just said, but it's not and they just want a couple of us just to do the best we can for as cheap as we can. :lol2

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