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Hard to choose tint for my car?

Guest uaesolidsnake

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Guest uaesolidsnake

I have toyota avalon 2005 but I dont know which tint to put for my car from those tint brands:

1- V-kool

2- Solargard

3- Glassmate.

4- llumar.

So can you help me to choose the best tint between those brands.

While you are choosing tint for me I want you to consider those specification:

- High heat resistant.

- High Visible light transmission.

- tint color is charcoal.

- tint must be 40-50% dark not more.

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Guest tintgod

well...glassmate I have never heard off..so I looked it up..and from what I see...it is a decrotive film for res and commercial tinting..so that one is out..unless I am mistaken

so..any one of the rest are good films..the best thing to do is to go to each of their web sites and compare that way..they will all have a spec sheet for you to compare.

or go to your local tint shops and they can help you out

good luck

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Guest metint

2 & 4 get my vote... 1 is residential in need of having the edges sealed to avoid corrosion (especially around salt or polluted air environs) and 3 I've never heard of... must be a private label.

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Guest tintgod
Can we choose the brand of toilet paper you should use too?


yeah....I would like that...one,two or three ply :shoot1

im looking for maximum softness...and one that is really cheap..and that wont fade and is easy to fold in my hand...and one were I dont have to use more then two to three squares :linedrink

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