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To much light

Guest potzy

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...I have another headache for you all, a client has asked me to tint the windows in his home to stop people looking through...easy right, thing is ive put up SDS20% and you can still see through because of very large window on the oppisite side of the room...hmm.

I even tried putting up film twice but that dosent work ethier and he wont have the other windows tinted...what would you suggest apart from blinds :rollin is there a film out there that will counter act this dielema.

Regards Stu

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:lol2:thumb No idea how to do it. WIndow are laaaaaaarge. And at night, when light will be inside and on the street will be dark he will be seen Xcellent....White MATTE - he won't seen and won't be seen. LUMISTY - depends of angles of viewing..So, one and only +/- decision - embossed blinds from BSF ....IMHO...I have NO ANY OTHER idea..People attcking me every day with such questions..
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Wish in one hand, :thumb in the other and see which fills up first.

Even tinting both sides will not make them happy, if they can spot silhouettes through the tinted glass.

Privacy of that kind can best be addressed through blinds...

But they don't want that either, eh?

Picky, picky, picky... :lol2

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