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With getting a SWORD :lol2 I am really happy and proud that soone or later (just now I have 9,998 posts) I will have 10,000 posts. It take me more than 2 years but I did it :poop I am want to say GREAT THANX to Mr. TintDUDE that he made this web. I don't need any tinting trix, but anycase I got a lot of usefull information and I can tell for sure that TD.COM help me to grow :duck I also got some virtual friends, and who knows may be sooner or later I will :lol2:thumb somewhere in Brazil or Venezuela. One of TintDude'Z visit me, and signed my wall :DD What else? I am sorry if posting some pictures or words I make some enconvinience to somebody. Also I am happy that know such words like assclown, asshat and moron:lol2 I know that there are Tint OFF competiton, and I promise to invite You on Top OFF, Tint ON...So.....Congratulations Leo......Some two steps left...

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