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Honda Ridgeline Tint

Guest bvondane

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Guest bvondane

Hello... I have an 06 Honda Ridgeline and had my two front windows tinted this morning... The installed used LLumar CH30 tint and it does not match... My factory tint has kind of a blue/pinkish tint to it and the stuff they put in is very green... I asked them about it and they said "it's the best we can do, sorry"

Anyone done a Ridgeline? Know of a tint that matches? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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It is extremely difficult for us to match factory glass exactly. There are too many vehicles out there, and although the film companies do their best to make matching films, we certainly can't afford to keep them all in stock.

First of all, wait until the film is completely dry. The appearance of the film changes quite a bit while drying.

I tell every customer attempting to match factory darkened glass that I don't guarantee 100% accuracy. I can usually get the darkness right, but there are too many actual colors of factory glass to make a perfect decision. Imagine choosing a paint color... the number of color palettes to choose from... that's how factory darkened glass is getting.

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yes llumar film looks green but the glass on those is probably a solargreen too.  if it matches well enough from the outside then don't worry about  the color difference from the inside.


:DD that's how it normally works most of the time, from the outside you might not notice at all, but from the inside most likely will, barely at least of course...

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Guest nautiboi73

there is only one vehicle that we as tinters can match perfectly, and that is the vw touareg, and only because they consulted with LULU on a match,

Other then that we can only get close. and what everyone else said :DD

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