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tint removal

Guest steelo

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im looking to get the tint on my side windows removed in order to get darker tint in its place, its only for the rear side windows, im wondering if this would be an expensive job, thanx for any help you can give.

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Guest tintrep

to many variables...




you are gonna have to call some tint shops and see...you seem like you are worried about the price, but if you want it done and done nice and correctly, remember: you get waht you pay for.

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Guest mastertinter

If youre retinting then get it done by the tinter, nothing worse than starting a job and finding the old glue left in the corners for you to find after you put on the film, if your expecting it you can clean accordingly.

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try to get it done on tuesday wednesday or thursday because those days are alot less likely to be real busy and you might get a cheaper price. cause when my customers come for stuff like that I charge according to how busy I am

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