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Guest swanny

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I have some compition in my area who has been in the business 6yr longer then I have.This company is charging cheap dirt cheap

get this one customer called me and wanted me to tint a window that was out of the car rear window I qouted him and he said the other company would do it for 70% less then I would.

this sucks becouse they are screwing up everything in my area so my prices have to be lowwer then normal 10 to 20 % lower.

I just dont know

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Guest mastertinter

dude, if you do quality work and have a confident attitude to back up that work, if will not take long for word of mouth to get out that you do a damn good job.

And as tint rookie says, if someone charges less than you, that's ok because they know what their work is worth.


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Sounds like their trying to get you into a price war (or the customer is lying) and are bettin that they have enough in the reserves to out last you :dunno



Keeping both eyes on what the comp is doing... takes your focus off what you need be doing. :spam

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The above posts are correct ...unless they're workmanship matches or exceeds that of your own and have been around longer than yourself...then you've got problems ...but verify thier prices on your own rather than taking a customers word for it :spam

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well what window film is he using? what warranty is he giving his customers? how is is work vs. yours? thats some of the things I look at when someone prices lower than me. And I have some low prices cuz im still new at this.

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