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MMM rep came by...... to sell me out today

Guest zolar

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How about this shizz

The Regional MMM rep came by today

he wasn't in town to see us, but to sell one of my car dealers

the "new" MMM plotter system for them to tint in-house, and cut me out

He was going on about the "new" MMM films

and bashing my brand(s)

this guy told me:

All MMM films and ALL their components are made in-house

Said that CP did do the dying process on their Poly in the past (hence the color change)

Went on the record to deny that their HP line was made by Slutnek

Told me that the Carbon lines I am trying have the dye built into the Adhesive.

Said all of the MMM film is extruded, not sputtered or vapor coated

The cool thing is , in about a year I will get me a smokin' good deal

on a new plotter, and a pile of :spam MMM film

as soon as the detailer/mechanics try to shrink that shizz

I have extruded better bullshiot than that...........from my own azz

I would love to hear Metints take on this

as well as filmrep, or MMM people

Heres a little hint for future rep visits

DO NOT bash my film

DO NOT tell me about your scheme to cut out my dealer biz

DO NOT feed me bullshiot about film

...cause I have too many friends in this industry

get 'em boys :dunno

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If I were a rep coming in your place, I wouldn't say anything about the film you were using, but I would say as much as I could about the film I represented, tools of the trade, and any new techniques I was aware of. I'd also ask you how the family was doing. You do have family, right? And I don't mean the goats. :spam


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He said the plotter system was by a Texas company named Expo

and insisted MMM made their own poly, and was the only company to do so.

and the family is fine ....all 7 of us :dunno freakin' Brady Bunch with no Alice :spam

good point about sales :spam

if a guy comes in and says "I just got back from Hawaii and I need my windows tinted"

The first thing out of my mouth should be "Hawaii, which island"

not what kinda' car is it? :hmmm

Tint... nice fro bro :hmmm:nope

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A major poly manu (mmm not) does make the pigmented poly used in bek's true grey and mmm's CS. In fact, I believe (not sure) this co. patented the process... I cannot say exactly why I know this... just that I do from what occurred in past biz dealings on the manu level.

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looks like MMM sent out a rookie sales rep.

rule 1. do not bash other film companies, unprofessional...


:inot you end up looking desperate to sell what you can rather than letting the material sell itself on how great it could be for you. plus the rep makes you upset because he has just basicly said if your not using his film you must be a crappy tinter, great way to sell!!!

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Guest tintgod

isn't this thread just going to end up in doing the same thing you are pissed about...bashing other films..no offense ZOLAR

and is that what we want in the general forum :inot

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