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After looking at the tint section I already see 3 shops that are lying about things, one guy says he has like 14 years of experience and he actually has 9 becaue I taught him to tint and he doesnt even tint he has a girl doing it :lol , another says he has tinted over 14 thousand cars and he has only been tinting for about 5 years and that he does everything in 1 piece (this is the guy that comes to my shop and digs scraps out of my trash can, I @#$% you not) :dunno another says he has won best tint shop in town for 9 straight years when in reality he hasnt even won it once :lol man what a bunch of lying punks :beer

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How many people do you think really look in the phone book anymore? With the internet, word-of-mouth, etc., I rarely ever look in the yellow pages in our local phone book anymore.

We pulled all of our large ads out of all the phone book yellow pages here. There are like four different companies producing local books here, most of which want more than $150/month for a 2" x 4" ad. We just went with cheapie single liners under a couple of catagories.

Between the shop and our house, we probably get about 45 phone books delivered each year. I don't know why each company thinks we need six copies of each (four different distributors). No wonder the prices are so damn high. We typically burn all of our copies of the new books (except for one), in the fire pit.

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Guest Sprinter

How many people do you think really look in the phone book anymore?

more than you think.

not everyone owns a computer, or has time to surf, remember "let your fingers do the walking"

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