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I got my own tint and stuff

Guest mastertinter

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Guest mastertinter

So in walks this customer and asks how much to tint his car, then he follows with I got my own tint come and see what I want. So out I go, he pops the trunk and suprise hes got a pile of those little boxes from walmart, good old Gila film, and the stuff with the screen printed flames no less, real custom stuff. :beer

He says he wants the whole car done with the fancy flames and points to the picture on the box you know the one with the sweet little sports car all pimped out and the flawless tint job, like these kids buying this stuff will ever get anything close with this product. So I tell him to return the gila film and I can do the car for so much with real tint, hes shocked at the price and asks if I know anybody who can do the whole car in a custom flamed tint package, he will just pay them by the hour to save money :dunno

I told him to go see the glass shops in town who by the way I do all the tinting for... well see what happens.

Got to shake my head at these ones, there hopless :lol:lol

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Guest Sprinter

like we get to pay professional by the hour, lets say we need our car worked on by an A/C guy, well give me the trainnie at 8 bucks per hour instead of the shop hourly rate of 75 per hour :dunno

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tell him you want $100 an hour, and it's gonna be an 8 hour job, he'll love that one


:lol6 yeah tell him $100 hr and its a 8 hr minumum plus a $200 fee for bringin in his own material


yea and waste as much film as you possibly can, and in the end you end up doing the side windows only......and tell him to go buy more film and still spend another 5 hours on the back window and do it at last in 3 or 4 pieces :spit

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      Tinted Windshields Negate Windshield Sun Shades : Tinted Sunroofs=Exploding/Crack Glass

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      Tinted Windshields Negate Windshield Sun Shades : Tinted Sunroofs=Exploding/Crack Glass

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