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For OZZY music fans


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This is for any of you tinters that are die hard Ozzy fans ...If you only think of Ozzy as the burned out dad on "The Osbournes"..then you will not be too interested...I'm looking forward to getting this CD..I've got everything he's put out in 35 yrs (box sets and greatest hits not included :lol2 )

It's 13 songs from the pastfrom other artists origionally ..Jerry Cantrell on drums :lol6 that have proven the test of time..only with Ozzy :lol2 :

OZZY OSBOURNE is going UNDER COVER to pay tribute to the songs he covets most on a new DualDisc coming out November 1 on Epic Records. Titled UNDER COVER, the audio side of the 13-track disc features newly recorded versions of OZZY?s personal favorites--including "Woman" (John Lennon), "Rocky Mountain Way" (Joe Walsh) and "Go Now" (The Moody Blues)--plus songs he recorded for 2005?s gold-certified box set Prince Of Darkness, such as ?In My Life? (the Beatles), ?21st Century Schizoid Man? (King Crimson) and ?For What It?s Worth? (Buffalo Springfield).

35 years into a massively successful music career--with over 90 millions albums sold--the Grammy Award-winning legend told Revolver (3/05), ?For many years now, I?ve thought that it would be great to do some covers, old songs that mean something to me?It?s just me having a bit of fun with some songs that are already proven.? In his Esquire feature (1/05), OZZY clarified the basics for interpreting other artist?s songs, saying ?If you?re going to do a cover of a song that has a great melody, don?t change the melody.?

OZZY recorded the new songs with producer Mark Hudson, a powerhouse band--Mike Bordin (drums), Jerry Cantrell (guitars) and Chris Wyse (bass)--and guest musicians that included Ian Hunter (vocals on ?All The Young Dudes?), Leslie West (guitar solo on ?Mississippi Queen?) and Robert Randolph (pedal steel on ?Symphony For The Devil,? guitar solo on ?21st Century Schizoid Man?).

1. Rocky Mountain Way

2. In My Life

3. Mississippi Queen (voc up)

4. Go Now

5. Woman

6. 21st Century Schizoid Man

7. All The Young Dudes

8. For What It?s Worth

9. Good Times

10.Sunshine Of Your Love


12.Working Class Hero

13.Sympathy For The Devil

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Ozzy blows goats  :thumb  I'm surprised he's not on the crazy train already.  :lol


Blade didn't read the title of this thread :thumb

TG..The European release dates are the first month of Nov...hopefully North America will be the same or close to it :thumb

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Blade didn't read the title of this thread? :thumb

actually I did read it........like that matters. :lol2

oh and btw....ozzy still sucks :lol


With 90 million Ozzy / Sabbath albums sold...there might be a few out there that might disagree :thumb

Just like there are Elvis fans, I'm a die hard Ozzy fan ... fact of the matter is he's getting old and the yrs of partying have taken it's toll for sure ..sad really we all have to see it with a camera shoved in his face every week (Sharon's idea ) But the man can still sing (saw him last yr :thumb )

Many people only know of the hits ..a lot of his later songs and lyrics are really quite good :lol

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