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interesting PPF day

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this customer came in today. we tinted his car this summer. cool guy. without checking with us he bought a PPF kit for his Porsche 928. then called us to install it. I said sure no problem...no warranty. well the kit was total shiat. oooooooold PPF obviously....would scratch up like a mofo just by barely squeegeeing it. didn't stick worth a crap. the kit didn't fit worth a crap and ontop of that the kit came with 2 driver's side kits for the mirrors rather than both sides. :dunno

I called him and said no go...I'm not going to turn out crap like this. there's no computercut kit available for a 928 so he had me make up a kit using our clearshield (using the kit he got) somewhat as a template. turned out great! one piece mirrors instead of 3. :beer one piece bumper. :inot

he came in saying, "wow, I actually had to lean down and look for an edge to even tell that it was there!" :lol6



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I know this post is years old but good job blade :beer I dont even see the line on the hood which I always see. Man I have to redo an 07 vette today any tips ??? hahaha the first time I thought it turned out great (excspecially cause it was so HARD) but he says its supposed to be invisible and you can see "texturing" or "orange peel look" on the big curves from me heating it :) did I just heat it to much, I told him thats the way plastic looks when you heat and stretch it...not sure what else I can do to make it curve so crazy and not have to heat a much. I dunno, im doing it today so any advice is appreciated by all :lol

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Guest Another 928 guy

Hi from the future (16 years after this post)

Do you happen to still have that template? I wish I could have you install it for me but I'll probably ask you to ship it. 


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